Nexo Knights


Aaron will race anything speedy, climb anything tall, and surf anything wet. The biggest thing he’s known for is riding his NEXO shield like a hoverboard. He is good at it and he is always using it in battle to throw the enemy off.


Axl is a gentle giant. Just don’t get him riled. He will mash, mash, mash and destroy the enemy. He is the most powerful of the knights from the northern mountain country where he learned to move rocks at a young age.


Clay is the guy is the one you want riding to save you when times are tough. He is still a young guy, but focused beyond his years and he never seems to have to time to relax.


Who wouldn’t want to be Lance? Handsome, famous, charming and shiny. Everything in life – seemingly – has come easy for him. And though he’s lived a very entitled life, he is not a bad guy. He is just…spoiled.


Macy is a typical, modern, teenage girl. Problem is she lives in a castle and is constantly pestered by “royal duties.” She wants to be, um, normal. Which in her mind means swinging a mace and fighting monsters. Her father, the king, has other ideas: he won’t allow her to be a knight. He wants her to be his successor.

Nexo Knights

This is a story of our heroic group of knights – Clay, Aaron, Macy, Lance and Axl – learning how to live up to their knights’ code while saving their world.